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Gabby Sound 

Music | Design | Production

Gabrielle believes that every sound has an art form, whether it be in music or sounds you hear in nature and in the world around you. One of her biggest aspirations in life is to become a well-known music composer and sound designer for different forms of media - especially in the realm of film and video games. Her Senior Capstone, which can be found here, sparked the idea of Gabrielle wanting to take her passion of composition and designing to the next level, creating her own brand/name.


With the creation of her own personal brand, Gabrielle strives to become well known in the music industry for her unique sound and attention to detail. Take a look around the site to discover Gabby’s Sound.




sound design



About the Music

Gabrielle believes that music has the power to transport us to another time and place, and to also evoke emotions out of thin air. Since her college years, she has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with those around her. 


As a composer, Gabrielle’s music specialty is mainly in electronic and instrumental music. Her style is heavily influenced from both past and present innovators in the world of electronic/instrumental music from John Cage and Pierre Schaeffer to deadmau5 and Polyphia. Her background in percussion and piano allows her to be incredibly detailed in her sound art works and to showcase the individuality of all the voices. She thrives in taking listeners to a whole other reality through her unique soundscapes - one of her main objectives for a piece, is for it to have the ability to create an escape for the listener.

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Hourly rate for all services: $20/hr 

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