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Awakening to Light

Improv Piano Solo

Date Completed: December 2018

Duration: min & 10 sec



Awakening to Light is the musical genius of one of my dear friends, David Kuo. This was a piece that he performed on the spot for me as part of my final semester MMP Recording class at Ball State. 

We didn't have a name for the piece at first, but when asked about the inspiration behind it, David mentioned wanting to keep it simple and open-ended. He wanted the listener to form their own understanding of what the title and music meant to them. 

For me, the piece envelopes the listener in a sense of inner peace and calm. Awakening to light to me means treating every day like a new day. The day previous may have ended badly, but as soon as the next day begins, life has a fresh new perspective. You awaken to a new day with new possibilities, and hopefully a better day than the last.


- Logic Pro X

- Pro Tools

- Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

- Steinways Grand Piano

- Blumlein Microphone Array

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