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Canning Heroes

1-4 player cooperative game

Date Completed: May 2019

Duration6 months to complete


Canning Heroes is a family-friendly co-op game made for 1-4 players. Under the instruction of Paul Gestwicki, I was part of a student-led team where we were able to make this game in a little over 6 months.


"The game was developed specifically for the kitchen at the recently-renovated Oakhurst Home at Minnetrista, a museum and community gathering place in Muncie, Indiana - Gestwicki." 

The immersive class consisted of a variety of majors - from English and Animation majors to Computer Science and History majors. Our team was affectionately called The Happy Accident Studio. My responsibilities to the team were music composition as well as being the lead sound designer and editor. Most of if not all sounds heard in the game were recorded live in the classroom with a Tascam hand recorder. The music was composed all electronically using Logic Pro X.

The musical score is heavily inspired by the Cooking Mama game franchise. I wanted to create a soundtrack that was both simple, yet catchy. I also wanted to keep the adrenaline going by ever so slightly increasing the tempo to push the player to finish various tasks as quickly as possible.

You can learn more about the game here and you can play it straight on the web here!


- Silver at the International Serious Play Awards (2019 Student Division) >> June 2019


"Serious Play Conferences are gatherings of thought leaders in the game-based learning industry who come together to share their knowledge and experience."


- Logic Pro X

- Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

- Unreal Engine

- Perforce

- Tascam Recorder 

- Audacity

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