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short film - directed by Kit Caldwell


Date Completed: December 2016

Duration: 10 min


Helicopter is a student film that I performed boom op, audio mixing, and sound design/editing for. This film was Caldwell’s senior capstone, which i was involved in through my TCOMM class - Cinematic Immersion.

The film follows the story of a breakup; where the audience views the perspective of our main character and how he copes with his new status. 

The film shares the name with the retro game "Helicopter." You move up and down in order to avoid obstacles, and if you are hesitant you hit the ground and lose everything. The main character struggles to move on from the breakup, but he soon realizes that life has its ups and downs - and how you overcome them is what's most important.


- Pro Tools

- Sony MDR 7506 Headphones

- Boom mic & mic shield

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