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Short Thriller Film - directed by Ahmad Thomas


Date Completed: December 2020

Duration: 16 min and 7 sec

Background Info:                     

Keeper was created from the creative mind of Ahmad Thomas. The film follows the lives of 3 friends, one of which whom has fallen on hard times. As the story comes to its conclusion, everyone has to ask themselves: "How dark are those closest to you?"

Keeper's score was composed with Logic Pro X with instrumentation of electronic strings and digital piano. One will notice right away that music is selective during the film, music is not playing 100% of the time. I did this to both add to the atmosphere of the film and to follow the rule of "less is more". The film right from the get-go gave me a sense of uneasiness and uncertainty, and I wanted to overall give a dark and melancholic vibe. Silence is also a method of sound design and I believe that silence can contribute to a film just as much as a film score if done with the right balance.


- Logic Pro X

- Audio Technica ATH M50X Studio Headphones

Creative Team:

Executive Producer - Ahmad Thomas

Producer - Patrick Phongsa

Director - Ahmad Thomas

DP- Robert Sain

1st AD - Austin Sissom

Production Designer - Josie Fitzgerald

MUA - Rebecca King

Props - Nathan "Nate" Moore

Production Sound Mixer - Caryn Tramel

KeyGrip/Gaffer - Patrick Phongsa

Grip - Delaney Staack

Grip - Conor Henderson

Grip - Julian Ross

Grip - Colin Shuran

Score - Gabby Hogan

Sound Mixer - Emily Peacock


- Jonathan "Jamil" Parrish as Camp

- Dionte Wesley as Lenard

- Ahmad Thomas as Bobby 

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