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Metallic Rain

Fixed Media Track w/h Multi Percussion Solo 

Improv performed by Andy Holmes 


Date Completed: January 2021

Duration: min & 32 sec


Metallic Rain is a fixed media piece that I commissioned for Andy Holmes. Andy and I marched drum corps together with Music City in 2018; so this collaboration made it possible for us to make music together again in a way.

This version of the piece will be electronics only, as the improv that Andy will be performing in sequence won't be showcased until his recital in March 2021. Throughout the piece, the listener hears the rumbles of a storm as it inches closer and closer, finally hits, and then dies down in conjunction with the resolution of the piece.

** Version with Andy's Vibraphone/Tom Improv solo is displayed below - he did such an amazing job!

** Created in Logic Pro X
** Artwork by Jesse Ormerod


- Logic Pro X

- Audio Technica ATH M50 Headphones


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